Recent projects include:

  • E-Commerce extension
  • We developed a custom database app for previewing and selecting music from a calendar. Visitors can then purchase sheet music and print planning documents. This standalone app was tied into an existing third-party e-Commerce application.
  • WordPress Sites
  • Extensive experience with both site development and repair/upgrades of existing sties.
  • Database Application
  • A complex reference site, entirely driven from a MySQL database, was developed from scratch. One key focus was Ease-of-Use. The final site allowed users to easily display the oft-times complex relationships between various source materials.
  • Rapid Site Development
  • An upcoming Event needed a web site in very short order. A late start by the Event Planning Team meant that most details were not pinned down. The final site, pulled together in about 4 weeks, featured foreign language sections, interactive Google maps, photo albums, videos, speaker profiles, custom graphics, and more. Our developers worked with contributors from multiple organizations and locations. Support for both mobile and desktop machines was included.